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Integrity Radon Test

It is crucial that we have a signed agreement prior to inspecting your home. In fact, we can't perform an inspection without it. The agreement is provided below in PDF format for your convenience.

In addition to continuous radon monitor testing we have short term activated charcoal test kit. The price of the test kit includes the lab testing fee.

You can also contact Nebraska Radon Program for Test Kits

The DHHS Radon Program no longer sells radon test kits from the office in Lincoln. However, existing partnerships allow Nebraskans to obtain a free or low-cost test kit when they want to test radon levels in a home. Nebraska law allows individuals to test the home where they reside for radon without a license. Testing any other property requires a license issued by DHHS. Ownership of the property does not provide an exemption from the licensure requirement. 

DHHS recommends that homes involved in a real estate transaction have radon measurements performed by a licensed Radon Measurement Professional.

Free Test Kits
Some organizations have local programs to distribute radon test kits for free. To see if an organization in your area is participating, visit:

Purchasing Test Kits
Some manufacturers offer special pricing for Nebraska residents when purchasing a radon test kit (see below). The DHHS Radon Program provides this list as a service to the citizens of Nebraska, but we do not endorse one manufacturer/laboratory over another. We have tried to ensure that all the information is accurate, however you should confirm the pricing prior to purchase.

To order a discounted long-term test kit from AccuStar, call 800-523-4964 and mention NEBRASKA. More information about Accustar products can be found at:  

Air Chek, Inc. 
To order a discounted short- or long-term test kit from Air Chek, Inc. visit:

Alpha Energy Laboratories
To order a discounted short- or long-term test kit from Alpha Energy, visit: