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Inspection questions and answers

Do you just test for radon during a home inspection?

No. Radon testing and mitigation is just one specialty service we offer in addition to general home inspections.

Do I need a home inspection?

When buying a home, a home inspection is very important. It helps bring attention to problems that can often be resolved by the seller before the purchase. This could save you thousands of dollars. If you already own a home, an inspection can give you peace of mind or help to spot potentially hazardous or deadly situations.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Please read our Inspection Pricing page.

What is involved in the typical inspection process?

Every house is different, but there are certain things we routinely inspect on almost every property. Visit our page showing what we typically look forContact us for a list of specifics.

How do I order an inspection?

Before we can even start an inspection, a pre-inspection agreement must be signed. You can download that agreement here as a PDF.